The Upper Merion Lacrosse Club is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2005 to promote quality lacrosse education to the Upper Merion Township community. The Club aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a hig

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The Upper Merion Lacrosse Club is very proud of the fine young men and women that have come through our program.  In 2008, the boys high school team became part of the Upper Merion High School...  After a gritty first year as a sanctioned high school sport at UM, they made the playoffs in 2009 and 2010 - and they were the Suburban One American League Champions in 2010!  Quite an impressive mark to leave in only 3 short years.

CLASS Of 2014:
Clay Greenaway - UMHS Var.
Mike Zadroga - UMHS Var.
Nick Shendge - UMHS Var.
Justin Simons - UMHS JV.
Keith Hatcher - UMHS JV.
Mike McCloskey - UMHS JV.
Rob Baurley - UMHS JV.
Andrew McQuirns - UMHS Var.
Joe Mintzer - UMHS Var.
Chris Jordan - UMHS Var.
Kevin O'Sullivan - UMHS Var.
Liz Botto - UMSH Var.
Jackie Schauble - UMHS Var.
Krysta Zadroga - UMHS JV.
Lauren McDowell - UMHS JV.
Mia DiBella - UMHS JV.

CLASS OF 2013:
Trevor Kupecky - UMHS Var.
Evan Shaunnessy - UMHS JV
Mike Shuster - UMHS JV.
Jake Keszczyk - UMHS Var.
Timmy Keith - Carroll
Maribeth Keith - Carroll
Geena Bevenour - Pope John Paul HS
Casey Griffith - UMHS Var.
Amanda McAteer - UMHS Var.
Dominique Gambone - UMHS Var.
Julia Schalles - UMHS JV

CLASS OF 2012:
Mickey Bellace - UMHS Var.
Austin Edelman - UMHS Var.
Vince DeSanto - UMHS Var.
Ricky Clairmont - UMHS Var.
Lorran DeCosta - UMHS Var.
J. T. Sellman - Carroll Var.
Melanie Ryan - UMHS Var.
Brooke Dubin - UMHS Var.
Karen Hranek - UMHS Var.
Haley Fitzgerald - UMHS Var.
Ally Frymoyer - UMHS Var.
Elyssa Salamy - UMHS JV.

CLASS OF 2011:
Luc Minnich - UMHS Var.
Conor Crowe - UMHS Var.
Mickey Bellace - UMHS Var.
Pat Vandergeest - UMHS Var.
Wesley McDowell - UMHS Var.
Brian Keith - Carroll Var. - Will be playing for Catholic Univerity in DC in the Fall of 2011
Ryan Shea - Carroll Var.  -

CLASS OF 2010:
Nate Hare - Robert Morris University - D1 - Attack
Kelly Manoppello - Cabrini College - D3 - Midfield
Tyler Zeoli - Holy Cross - D1 - Playing Football
James Brennan - Shippensburg University - D2 - Playing Football

Devin Bowes - West Chester University - D2 - Attack
Heath Kupecky - Messiah College - Attack
Alex Panthavong - Ursinus College - D3 - Playing Football